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Co. Londonderry, N.Ireland, UK

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1957 - 2007
Celebrating 50 years of Gospel Witness in Coleraine

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About Us

Coleraine Free Presbyterian Church (Co Londonderry, N.Ireland, UK) is Fundamental in Doctrine, believing in the divine authority and verbal inspiration of the Bible, and the great fundamental doctrines of grace it contains. The Scriptures alone are the supreme authority in matters of faith and practice. The Free Presbyterian Church uses only the Authorized Version (KJV) of the Bible.

We are separatist in Practice, believing and practicing the doctrine of Biblical separatism. In accordance with this, the Free Presbyterian Church has no association with the modern Ecumenical or Charismatic movements, nor will it fellowship with any church which has departed from the fundamental doctrines of the Word of God.

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The separatist witness of the Free Presbyterian Church in Coleraine, Co Londonderry, N.Ireland, owes its origin to a gospel mission conducted in the Town Hall by Dr. Ian. R. K. Paisley and the Rev. John Wylie which commenced on the 6th January 1957. Following a request by Mr. McLaughlin, Mr. Dinsmore, Mr. Reynolds, Mr. McIlreavy and Mr. McDermott it was decided to form a congregation of the Free Presbyterian Church.

The first meetings were held on Sunday the 10th February at 12 noon and 6.30 pm Dr. Paisley preaching at both services. On Tuesday the 12th Dr. Paisley informed the congregation that their application to Presbytery had been successful and they were accepted as a member church of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster.

The Rev. John Wylie was placed in the position of Interim Moderator. A temporary committee was set up including; Mr. T McLaughlin, Mr. T. Dinsmore, Mr. C. Reynolds, Mr. S. McIlreavy, Mr. H. McDermott, Mr. W.R. Haire, Mr. D. McIntyre and Mr. J. McBride. Miss. Rachel Pollock was appointed organist and Sunday School teacher.

The fledgling congregation met in the Coleraine Premier Pigeon Society Hall at Martin's Brae, remaining there until the 1st October 1960. On Tuesday 3rd November 1959 the Rev. Wylie informed the Committee that premises had been purchased from Messers.T.D. McFarlane & Son at Hanover Place at the cost of £1200.

One year later the congregation were able to move to the new location as a major re-roofing job had to be done. Saturday 1st October was set as the official opening date, followed by a gospel mission. The first two elders installed were Mr. Hugh Crowe and Mr. Samuel McIlreavy. Rev. John Wylie received the call from the congregation to be their minister and was duly installed on Friday 4th September 1964.

In 1981 the congregation moved to Killowen Orange Hall. On Saturday 25th April 1982.The Moderator cut the first sod on the new site which was purchased from the Department of the Environment Roads Service.

The new building was officially opened on Saturday 16th October after The Rev Wylie handed the key to the Moderator. Over 900 people packed the new building on Loughan Hill.
Following the opening a Gospel Campaign was held under the ministry of Rev. John Morrow at which some seventy souls professed faith in Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Ministers who have served the congregation.

Rev. John Wylie was placed in the congregation as interim moderator in February 1957 and was subsequently installed as minister on Friday 4th September 1964, his last service being on Sunday 15th August 1971. After a short period of vacancy Mr Ian McVeigh was ordained and installed to the ministry in the church and continued until February 1980. On 28th November 1980 Rev. George Whyte was declared to be the next minister of the church and continued in this role until March 2000 when he took up the ministry in Donaghadee Free Presbyterian Church. Rev. Alan Lamont was installed on 14th June 2001 having previously ministered in Garvagh Free Presbyterian Church and continued as minister until April 2006.

The current minister, Rev. Roger Higginson was ordained and installed on 28th November 2008. Some sample videos of Rev. Higgginson's sermons are presented below.

Untitled Document Bullet The Lame Man Healed | Rev. Roger Higginson
It Can Be Done! | Rev. Roger Higginson
Figures in Feeding the 5000 | Rev. Roger Higginson
Unmoved by the Cross | Rev. Roger Higginson
Bullet The Lion by the Wayside | Rev. Roger Higginson
Bullet The Biggest Fool in Town | Mr. Roger Higginson
Bullet Baptism | Rev. Roger Higginson
Bullet The Ultimate Sacrifice | Rev. Roger Higginson

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